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The versatile arena on the border between Libeň and Vysočany welcomed fans for the first time exactly twenty years ago - during the 2004 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The impressive hall with a circular layout and a height of 33 meters rightfully earned the title of Building of the Year in 2004.
One of its major advantages is the flexibility of the seating arrangements, easily adaptable to various needs. The lower section of the grandstand can retract towards the perimeter wall to make room for an athletics track, for instance. The arena's maximum seating capacity in concert setup can reach up to 20,000 seats.For the set-up at the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, it will  accommodate 17,413 fans.
Players from the participating teams will notice significant improvements compared to the previous 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Czechia. They will have access to a training facility just a few meters from the dressing room and the hotel a stone's throw away. In 2018, a multifunctional congress and cultural center was constructed near the arena, featuring the additional ice rink.


We know it's tempting, but please don't try to drive to the arena. You could miss the opening face-off. At best... You don't want to miss the start of the game because you're stuck in traffic or can't find a place to park.
During the Ice Hockey World Championship, only residents (= permit from the Municipality P9) and vehicles with a permit from the Organiser will be allowed to enter the area in the triangle Sokolovská - Českomoravská - Freyova.
Certain streets with restrictions: Čihákova, Drahobejlova, Klečákova, K Moravině, Kovanecká, Kovářská, Kurta Konráda, Lihovarská, Lisabonská, Matějkova, Na Harfě, Na Rozcestí, Ocelářská, Podvinný mlýn, U Skládky, U Svobodárny and U Školičky.

Don't get stuck in traffic jams, hop on public transport

Getting more than 17,000 fans to every game on time is a big job. That's why the Metro will operate ALMOST CONSTANTLY (like almost every minute)! The frequency of trains on the B line will be significantly increased on game days. Following the gold medal game, the metro service will extend until 1 am, allowing you to partake in the celebrations without concerns about commuting back home.
We invite you to arrive at the game early and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Official Fan Zone directly next to the arena.

All changes in public transport operation are valid during the entire 2024 IIHF WM - from Friday 10 May (from the start of daytime operation) to Sunday 26 May (until the end of night traffic on Sunday night).

Where you can find useful information:
All information on connections and fares: Click Here
Train connections: Click Here
General connection finder: Click Here

Don't waste time in queues, buy your public transport ticket directly from your mobile phone

The Prague public transportation app (PID Litacka) not only makes it easy to find out how to get to your destination, but also to buy tickets for your entire group.
Children up to 15 years of age (10-15 years of age must be proven)
Accompanying a child under the age of three

Passengers over 60


If you know you're going to be sharing your game experience heavily on social media and your phone is in danger of running out of juice, get a physical ticket just in case. You can buy it from a vending machine at all metro stations and selected surface transport stops. The ticket from these machines must always be stamped when you board.
A contactless self-service terminal is available on public transport buses and trams. You will always find it by the second door on buses and in the middle of the vehicle on trams. The ticket from this terminal is valid immediately after printing (the time is indicated on the ticket) and you don't have to put it anywhere else.
  • self-service terminal
  • contactless payment
  • 30 minute, 90 minute, 24 hour ticket
  • valid from the moment of purchase
Tip: You can also use a ticket valid for 24 hours or more for the cable car to Petřín.

Individual transport


We need to get the arena in shape between games. However, we will do our best to open the turnstiles 60 minutes before each game.
You won't have to look far to find your entrance. The NORTH entrance with eighteen turnstiles and two wheelchair gates is located directly opposite the Metro entrance. Those arriving by tram to the Arena Libeň Jih tram stop or by train to the Libeň train station will may access via the SOUTH entrance.
Your ticket
Aallet or purse
Mobile phone
Please leave everything else at home, otherwise the checks at the arena entrance will take longer.
Going to the 2024 IIHF WM after work and need to store your laptop or umbrella? Or coming straight from the airport and wondering what to do with your suitcase? You can use the deposit/storage facility just outside the North Entrance or on the other side on Ocelářská Street in front of the Multifunctional Centre.
You can pay in cash or by card​.

The price for storage is 50 CZK or 2 Euros per item.
Important note: Bags bigger than 30 x 20 x 10 cm may not be taken into the arena.
Please note, however, that the capacity of the depository is limited. Therefore, do not take anything that you do not really need. The depot is mainly used to store oversized items.
The following items will not be allowed into the arena:

Box Office

Want to try your luck and get a last-minute ticket on the spot? The box offices are open for you every day.
TICKETPORTAL (entrance nr. 10)
Tel.: +420 266 771 351
TICKETMASTER (entrance nr. 1)
Tel.: +420 266 771 352


The Official Fan Zone in front of the arena is there for you, the fans, to enjoy the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship to the fullest! As always, we will be screening  games every day. There will also be a big display by the Official Main Sponsor Skoda, the Official Merchandising Megastore, hockey-themed activities by Official Sponsors and Official Partners, plenty of food and drinks as well as concerts by your favourite bands.

Participate in games and competitions, win some prizes or shop for souvenirs.

Opening Hours:
  • 14:00 to 22:00 (until the end of the evening game)
  • 11:00 to 22:00 (on days with three games)
Admission will of course be free, but be prepared for security checks at the entrance. For security reasons, we won't let you in with bicycles or scooters, or with dangerous objects or your own food. Special arrangements will be made at the entrance for fans who are immobile, have a pacemaker or are expecting a new addition to the family.

Not to forget... If you smoke, including electronic cigarettes, you can only indulge your passion in designated areas. Otherwise, you may have to leave the Fan Zone.


If you get hungry during an exciting game, you can get something to eat at one of the 26 food stalls. You'll find them on the 1st and 4th floors and they're named after the type of food they serve (SANDWICH, CHICKEN LAND, PIZZA LAND, HOT DOG). All drinks are served open, without lids for safety reasons, so just make sure you don't spill it when you celebrate a goal.

Don't worry about not being able to go to the restroom during the break. There are toilets on "every corner" of our oval hall.

As inconvenient as it may be for some of you, the 2024 IIHF WM also promote a healthy lifestyle, so smoking is prohibited throughout the arena, including electronic cigarettes. If you break this rule, you will "receive a Game Misconduct penalty".