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One of Ostrava's landmarks is undoubtedly one of the largest sports and cultural centres in the Czech Republic. Stars such as Black Sabbath, Kiss, Sting and Brian Adams have performed here. Czech tennis players have played countless Davis Cup and Fed Cup matches here. The last two "Czech" 2004 and 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships and the 1994 and 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey IIHF World Junior Championships were also held here.

The extensive complex of several versatile halls will provide all the comfort for journalists and for the fans during the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. The main Ostrava Arena, with a capacity of 9,109, will also offer a unique feature - a 3.5-tonne construction measuring 20x5.5 metres, on which five television studios will be suspended from the ceiling.

How To Get To The Ostrava Arena

By tram! It's the quickest and most reliable way. On game days, tram services will be greatly increased to ensure you all get to the arena on time. Please do not attempt to drive to the arena by car. There will be the Official Fan Zone set up in the car parks next to the arena and parking in the neighbourhood will be limited.
We invite you to arrive at the game early and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Official Fan Zone directly next to the arena.

Traffic Restrictions Around The Arena

During the pre-game period, there will be a restriction on the movement of vehicles in Zkrácená and Bezejmenná Streets, with the exception of the traffic services, vehicles with a permit from the organisers and, of course, local residents and companies with a shop or headquarters.

At the same time, there will be a ban on buses, except for the DPO lines from Rudná and Ruská Streets to Závodní Street. This measure is expected to significantly improve the traffic situation in the adjacent car parks. As soon as the car parks in the complex and the car park from Závodní Street are full, traffic will be redirected to other car parks in the area , apart from the above-mentioned exceptions.

After the evening game, special tram lines will be ready with boarding at the Sport Arena stop (in Závodní Street) in the directions of Dubina, Výškovice, centrum   and Poruba.

Where to find useful information:

To use public transport in the city of Ostrava during the Championships, please click here + link to (https://www.dpo.cz/travel/)

In order to use public transport in the entire Moravian-Silesian Region, the Integrated Transport System ODIS has been set up, where you can travel with one ticket. The city of Ostrava and its immediate surroundings form the Ostrava XXL tariff zone, where special tickets are valid. All information here + link to 

All information on connections and fares: Click Here 
Train connections: Click Here 
General connection finder: Click Here 

Car Parking

If you are travelling by car, park in one of the car parks and take the public transport to the arena. This will save you a lot of nerves and traffic jams.

From the Dolní oblast Vítkovice car park you can get to the arena by taking tram 2 or X to the SPORT ARÉNA stop.

From the Lipový dvůr car park you can get to the arena by tram 2, 12 or X to the SPORT ARÉNA stop and by tram 3 to the Palkovský stop. In the period from 10 May 2024 to 23 May 2024, a special tram line X will be set up to provide transport from the Dolní oblast Vítkovice and Lipový dvůr car parks along the route Plynárny - Karolina - Dolní Vítkovice - SPORT ARÉNA - Nádraží Vítkovice. The line will run every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes on weekends.

Buy your ticket

In a Tram

If you're not a local and don't have an ODIS, prepare a "credit card" and when you get on the tram, put it to one of the terminals on either side of each door. The basic hourly adult fare (CZK 30) will be automatically loaded onto your card without you having to click on anything. You don't have to wait for a ticket to come out of the terminal.

None will do so and all you have to do is show your card to the inspector if being checked.  You can use either a debit or credit card. If you want to buy half-price tickets for children aged 6 to 15, you will need to select this at the terminal. Or you can download the app and buy your ticket there...
Special Hockey Ticket
To make travelling around Ostrava easier, we have prepared a special hockey 7-day ticket for CZK 250. Just have a look at the following website - Ostrava Public Transport

In the App (only in Czech)
With the Ostrava public transportation app (Moje DPO), you can not only find out when your tram/bus leaves, but also buy tickets for your entire hockey group.
Children up to 6 years old of age
Children 6-15 years of age

Ostrava public transport no longer uses paper tickets!

At The Arena

We need to get the Ostrava Arena in shape between games. However, we will do our best to open the turnstiles 60 minutes before the opening face-off. All of the entrances to the arena are wheelchair accessible.

You don't have to look far for your entrance. You can use three entrances - the Clarion entrance, from Ruská Street and from Závodní Street. Each entrance has a storage room for oversized luggage.
What To Bring To The Hockey Game
  • your ticket
  • wallet or purse
  • mobile phone
Please leave everything else at home, otherwise the checks at the arena entrance will take longer.
Going to the 2024 IIHF WM after work and need to store your laptop or umbrella? Coming straight from the airport and wondering what to do with your suitcase? You can use the deposit/storage facility just outside Ostrava Arena. You can pay in cash or by card​.
The price for storage is 50 CZK or 2 Euros per item.
Important note: Bags bigger than 30 x 20 x 10 cm may not be taken into the arena.
Please note, however, that the capacity of the depository is limited. Therefore, do not take anything that you do not really need. The depot is mainly used to store oversized items.
They will not be allowed into the arena:

Box Office

Want to try your luck and get a last-minute ticket on the spot? The box offices are open for you every day.
12.00 – end of the 1st period of the evening game

Official Fan Zone

The Official Fan Zone in front of the arena is there for you, the fans, to enjoy the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship to the fullest! As always, we will be screening games every day. There will also be a big display by the Official Main Sponsor Skoda, the Official Merchandising Megastore, hockey-themed activities by Official Sponsors and Official Partners, plenty of food and drinks as well as concerts by your favourite bands . Participate in games and competitions, win some prizes or shop for souvenirs.
Opening Hours:
  • 14:00 to 22:00 (until the end of the evening game)
  • 11:00 to 22:00 (on days with three games)

Admission will of course be free but be prepared for security checks at the entrance. For security reasons, we won't let you in with bicycles or scooters, or with dangerous objects or your own food. Special arrangements will be made at the entrance for fans who are immobile, have a pacemaker or are expecting a new addition to the family.
Not to forget... If you smoke, including electronic cigarettes, you can only indulge your passion in designated areas. Otherwise, you may have to leave the Fan Zone.

In the Arena

If you get hungry during an exciting game, you can get something to eat at one of the 8 food locations. You'll find 2 of them on each corner. All drinks are served open, without lids for safety reasons, so just make sure you don't spill it when you celebrate a goal.
Don't worry about not being able to go to the restroom during the break. The toilets cover the entire perimeter of the arena, or rather the longer sides. There are also wheelchair-accessible toilets in the lobby, located at three corners of the arena - at the exits of sectors A1, B1 and B5.
As inconvenient as it may be for some of you, the 2024 IIHF Ice Hockey Championships also promotes a healthy lifestyle, so smoking is prohibited throughout the arena, including electronic cigarettes. If you break this rule, you will "receive a Game Misconduct penalty".