Transportation in Finland and Tampere
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You can enter Finland by boat or by a flight. The biggest airport is Helsinki-Vantaa. The most comfortable, fastest, and ecologically efficient way to travel from Helsinki to Tampere is by train. You can buy the train tickets from the VR website.

VR has increased the trains from Tampere to all around Finland during the tournament.
There are also flights to Tampere, for example from Riga. From Tampere-Pirkkala airport it is 17 minutes to Tampere city centre. You can travel that by buss or by car. You can read more about the buss connection to airport from here.

The public transportation in Tampere is called Nysse. With Nysse you can travel around Tampere and close-by communes. Means of transportation are busses, trams, and trains. You can buy the tickets and check the schedule from the Nysse website.

Game tickets include public transportation on Nysse Traffic for one day

Admission tickets for the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere include the right to travel on public transport buses and trams in the Tampere region and on trains in the Nysse area (Tampere / Lempäälä / Nokia / Orivesi / Tesoma).

The travel right must be confirmed by displaying the barcode on the ticket with the ticket device each time you board the bus or tram, a separate Nysse ticket is not required. In train traffic, the ticket is displayed on the station platform flag device. The right to travel is valid on the day of validity in all zones, starting at 6 am and ending at 4 am the next night.

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