We’re looking for volunteers to help us with this big event, so join us in organizing this prestigious tournament taking place in Sweden and Denmark from the 9th to 25th of May 2025. The Globe Arena in Stockholm will serve as the primary venue, hosting group A games, two quarter-finals, both semi-finals, the bronze and gold medal games, as well as the congress. Meanwhile, the Herning Arena in Denmark will be the secondary venue, hosting group B games and two of the quarter-finals.

Volunteers will play a crucial role in making the Ice Hockey World Championship a success in both Sweden and Denmark.

By joining us, you will experience the excitement of an international event alongside passionate people. You will also gain invaluable lifelong experiences and memories while contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the tournament.

As a volunteer, you will be an integral part of the large team of dedicated people who will plan and execute the 2025 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Sweden and Denmark.

As a volunteer you will be the face of the event that our guests, press and media representatives, officials, and athletes first encounter when they arrive at the arena in either Stockholm or Herning, and in general there will be many different tasks that must be solved over the duration of the tournament.

Among many different roles, we are seeking for volunteers to help with accreditation, ticketing, stewards, hospitality, logistics, team services, etc.

We are in need of a large number of volunteers to assist throughout the three weeks of setup, the tournament itself, and the final dismantling phase. Join us and be part of something extraordinary!


  • The 16 best national teams of the world
  • 2 venues in 2 countries
  • 64 games
  • 175 million TV-viewers
  • Over 550 000 spectators in total
  • Around 1500 volunteers
Sweden will open for registration in September 2024

Click here to apply for being a volunteer in Denmark.