2024 IIHF Global Girl's Game

From New Zealand to Asia, Europe and the Americas - the last IIHF Global Girls' Game is taking place on February 16-18, 2024. The weekend-long game between the Team Blue and Team White players started with a prologue in several countries and then on early Saturday in Australia before reaching Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North, Central and South America.

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Scoreboard - FINAL SCORE

Team Blue Team White
195 178

Târgu-Mureș, Romania

N° : 1     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) :     Score (Blue/White) : 1-4
Comments :
Nine players and two goalies from under-11 to under-17 participated in a game that showcased a phenomenal display of skating and puck handling skills în Târgu-Mureș. Team White earned a 4-1 win over Team Blue. With no history of women’s hockey, this game is a great way to showcase the development of the sport in Romania. One of the highlights was the stellar play of a nine-year-old goaltender, who is one of the most talented players who boasts a great attitude.

Senica, Slovakia

N° : 2     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 13:00     Score (Blue/White) : 8-4
Comments :
Held in Senica, Team Blue prevailed 8-4 over Team white.  Between the two teams, 35 players participated in the game. Lucia Lipcakova scored a hat-trick for Team Blue.  This game was part of the under-15 Girls Development regional tournament in Slovakia.

Utica, NY, USA

N° : 3     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 16:00/22:00    Score (Blue/White) : 1-10
Comments :
Team White took a quick lead in the first period with five goals by players to win the game 10-1 over Team Blue. Addison White was outstanding in net in the victory.  Multiple players on Team White had two or more points in the game.  Sofia DeAngelo and Shea Gooldy led the way, each with a goal and two assists.  Ella Cidzik tallied a pair of goals. Layla Townsend and Elliana Symenow each racked up two points in the game.

Sofiah Corey scored the lone goal for Team Blue in the second period. 33 players participated in the game held in Utica.

Almaty, Kazakhstan

N° : 4     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 10:15/05:15    Score (Blue/White) : 4-2
Comments :
Four goals in the third period were the difference as Team Blue earned a 4-2 victory over Team White in a game held in Almaty. Goal scorers for Team Blue were Karina Amirova, Darya Adilkhan, Sholpan Tokkozha, and Darya Adilkhan. Alina Zhakulina and Zlata Filichkina  tallied goals for Team White.  33 players participated in this game that featured WHC Zhuldyz (Team Blue) and WHC Graciya (Team White).

Christchurch, New Zealand

N° : 5    Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 17:45/05:45    Score (Blue/White) : 4-17
Comments :
At the Alpine Ice Sports Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, Team White prevailed over Team Blue 17-4. Players from all ages and abilities competed in two fast and intense games geared to different experience levels

The first game saw 21 players participating in an offence-oriented competition. In the end, despite a three-point game by Jacinta Hoglund and a great effort by other Team Blue players, Team White earned a 10-4 victory. Michelae Reeve and Tessa Langman each recorded a hat trick and two assists.

The second game saw 28 participants play a fast and upbeat game, showcasing great offensive play from both teams. Many of these players have represented New Zealand in IIHF world competitions. Team White goalie Megan Gardner recorded a shutout. Gabrielle Guerin’s hat trick and Emma Kloss’ two goals were the highlights of this game. The participants enjoyed playing the sport they love and being part of the Global Girls’ Game. 

Belgrade, Serbia

N° : 6     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 15:45    Score (Blue/White) : 7-5
Comments :
In Belgrade, 23 players and three coaches participated in a game during a national holiday.  Team Blue pulled out a 7-5 win over Team White.  It was a whole-day affair to celebrate Global Girls Game as there was an on-ice session, a quick recap of previous events, and a presentation of future events for girls around the country. Capping off the day was a meal. Serbia was thrilled to see the interest in the young female players. 

Sofia, Bulgaria

N° : 7     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 20:00/19:00     Score (Blue/White) : 2-10
Comments :
It was a friendly atmosphere between Bulgarian and Turkish Women’s National teams as a preparation for the upcoming World Championships.  Team White earned a 10-2 win over Team Blue in the game held in Sofia.

Reykjavik, Iceland

N° : 8     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 19:15/20:15    Score (Blue/White) : 0-3
Comments :
At Reykjavík, 20 players from 13 to 40 years old participated in the local club Skautafelag Reykjavikur. Team White earned a 3-0 shutout win over Team Blue.  

Tinna Byrnaes scored a pair of goals. The other goal came from defender Dagny Teitsdottir. Team White goaltender Andrea Bachman put forth a solid performance in the net. Satu Niinimäki, a 40-year-old hockey veteran from Finnish Naisten Liiga, has an outstanding performance for Team Blue.

Off the ice, players' family and friends ran a cake sale in the stands to fundraise for the team to go to Italy for the Dolomite Trophy in September.

Elektrenai, Lithuania

N° : 9    Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 12:30/11:30    Score (Blue/White) : 11-0
Comments :
Held in Elektrenai, two women’s teams played a regular season game of the Group A Baltic Women’s Championship. Team Blue (Lietuva) earned an 11-0 shutout victory over Team White (Tukums).

Budapest, Hungary

N° : 10    Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 12:30    Score (Blue/White) : 9-1
Comments :
At Budapest, 33 players competed from 17 clubs and represented 12 cities across Hungary.  Team Blue won the game 9-1.  Zóra Gottlibet and Bernadett Holtzer refereed the game.  Officials, medical staff, and coaches were all women.

Al Ain City, UAE

N° : 11    Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 15:00/12:00    Score (Blue/White) : 3-3
Comments :
At Al Alain, 30 players participated in a game that saw a tie between Team White and Team Blue 3-3.  It went to a penalty shot shootout and Team White won.

Riga, Latvia

N° : 12    Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 14:15/13:15    Score (Blue/White) : 4-1
Comments :
In Riga, 35 players from the Hockey School Riga/Latvia U18 national team (Team Blue)  and the Estonian women's national hockey team (Team White) participated. Team Blue won the game 4-1. Emilija Jakovleva, Karina Silajane, Madara Zusevica, and Sarlote Stale scored goals for Team Blue. Margaret Neering had the lone goal for Team White. This game was also part of the Baltic Women's Hockey Championship framework.

Pinerolo, Italy

N° : 13     Date : 16 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 11:30    Score (Blue/White) : 9-3
Comments :
Team Blue defeated Team White 9-3 in a game held in Pinerolo. While 35 players participated from different regions of Italy, many did not know each other. The game showcased many players using their excellent tactics and techniques. There was an opportunity for the girls to bond and get to know each other over lunch. Overall, it was a tremendous experience for coaches to discover new players and a chance to manage an all-women’s team.

Pasay City, Philippines

N° : 14     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 20:45/13:45    Score (Blue/White) : 3-2
Comments :
Held in Pasay City, the game showcased the vibrancy and talent of young female players. The event was a chance to promote girls' participation in the sport. Spectators watched the game for free at the ice skating rink inside the mall. 

The game was also an opportunity to gain valuable time to prepare for the Asia and Oceania Championship in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, scheduled for March. The participating teams had a mix of new and experienced players, including teenage girls eager to make their mark in the sport. Between the two teams, 24 players participated in the game.

Both teams demonstrated exceptional skills that displayed sportsmanship and dedication. The friendly competition showcased the players' hockey prowess and highlighted their camaraderie on and off the ice. It was a close game that saw Team Blue squeeze out a 3-2 victory. Throughout the game, players showed joy and enthusiasm.

Grodno, Belarus

N° : 15     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) :    Score (Blue/White) : 3-10
Comments :
The game was held at Trinity Shopping Mall in Grodno for the third consecutive year. This year's theme was “Time to Shine,” with 109 girls from 20 towns participating in three games.  

The participants were 6-13 years old. In the final of three sets of games, Team White earned a 10-3 victory over Team Blue on an entire ice rink. In two games across the ice, Team White (Rockets) defeated Team Blue (Rockets) 9-6, and Team Blue (Stars) earned a 6-5 victory over Team White (Stars). The other game saw Team White (Shooting Stars) defeat Team Blue (Shooting Stars) 6-1.

Overall, the event inspired girls and allowed them to participate in an extraordinary experience. Interactive events included crafting jewelry and decorating helmets with shimmering stickers. It was a family-oriented event. GGG marked a significant milestone in the development of the sport in Belarus as this season became the first full-scale season of the Belarusian Women's Ice Hockey League.

Hämeenlinna, Finland

N° : 16     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 18:00/17:00   Score (Blue/White) : 3-6
Comments :
Team White earned a 6-3 win over Team Blue in the game held in Hämeenlinna.  There were 33 participants in the game.

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

N° : 17     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) :    Score (Blue/White) : 1-4
Comments :
In Sarajevo, 21 players participated in the Global Girls’ Game. For the first time, Team White (Senior Lavice) earned a 4-1 win over Team Blue (Junior Lavice). The game showcased tremendous sportswomanship. It was an exciting atmosphere.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

N° : 18     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) :    Score (Blue/White) : 8-2
Comments :
Team Blue earned an 8-2 win over Team White. The game was part of Hockey Canada’s inaugural One for All weekend celebration of girls’ hockey, held in Yellowknife. Three-time Olympic gold medalists Cherie Piper (Team Blue) and Meghan Agosta (Team White) were guest coaches.

On February 9, Team Canada wore official (GGG) stickers on their helmets to recognize GGG during the sixth installment of the Rivalry Series. The stickers demonstrated the connection between grassroots and high-performance hockey.

Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

N° : 19     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 18:30/12:30   Score (Blue/White) : 7-6
Comments :
At Tangerang, Nasya Diandra scored the game-winning goal in the shootout as Team Blue edged our Team White 7-6.  15 players participated in the game including a male goaltender.

Kashiwazaki, Niigata prefecture, Japan

N° : 20    Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 08:30/00:30   Score (Blue/White) : 3-1
Comments :
Team Blue defeated Team White 3-1 in a game held in Kashiwazaki, Niigata. Participants in the event were 18 players from different teams located in the Niigata Prefecture. It was an enjoyable atmosphere that bonded girls with diverse backgrounds who came united to play the sport.

Huarte, Spain

N° : 21     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 14:40   Score (Blue/White) : 8-0
Comments :
At Huarte, Team Blue earned an 8-0 shutout victory over Team White. The game had 35 participants. It brought together Kosner CH Huarte versus CHH Txuri Urdin in the first semifinal game of the Liga Iberdrola de Hockey Hielo 2023-24 season. Eva Aizpurua was the top scorer of the game with four goals. 

Katowice, Poland

N° : 22     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 14:30   Score (Blue/White) : 4-5
Comments :
Team White edged out Team Blue 5-4 in a game held in Katowice.  In a fun, energetic environment, 26 participants had the opportunity to learn from coach and three-time Polish Olympic hockey player Janusz Adamiec.

Sursee, Switzerland

N° : 23     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 11:00   Score (Blue/White) : 1-5
Comments :
At Sursee, Team White earned a 5-1 win over Team Blue. Cloe Bottoli (HC Ambri-Piotta) led the scoring as she netted a hat-trick. Louane Gregorin scored the lone goal for Team Blue. Senior national team coaches Colin Muller and Cyndy Kenyon led Team White. Both teams showed strong determination throughout the game. The game had 33 participants, all born in the year 2012. Nikita Erismann, a former girls' team player, took part as one of the referees. 

Before the game, Michael Fischer (Responsible SIHF for under-12) and Colin Muller held a question and answer with the parents of the players as an opportunity to gain insight into possible development paths for the players. 

Prague, Czechia

N° : 24     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 11:45   Score (Blue/White) : 1-8
Comments :
Team White earned an 8-1 victory over Team Blue in the game at Prague.  With 34 participants in the game, it was a great showcase of the development of the sport in Czechis, and all participants played well.  Everyone appreciated and enjoyed the event.

Nottingham, Great Britain

N° : 25     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 12:00/13:00   Score (Blue/White) : 4-7
Comments :
Team White prevailed 7-4 over Team Blue in a game with 28 participants in Nottingham.

Maribor, Slovenia

N° : 26     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 13:30   Score (Blue/White) : 6-1
Comments :
At Maribor, Team Blue defeated Team White 6-1. There were 32 participants. It was the first game of the national and WIHL semi-finals between the first (defending national champions) and fourth-seeded teams.

Taipei City, Chinese Taipei

N° : 27     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 21:30/14:30   Score (Blue/White) : 2-6
Comments :
In Taipei, 37 players participated in the game that occurred two weeks after a break for the Chinese Lunar New Year. It was a high-tempo, competitive game, which resulted in a Team White 6-2 win over Team Blue.

Antwerp, Belgium

N° : 28     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 12:15   Score (Blue/White) : 5-6

A third-period goal powered Team White (HYC Girls) to a 6-5 victory over Team Blue (Antwerp Phantoms Phatales) in Deurne (Antwerp). The game was part of a women’s grassroots competition. It was an exciting and fun atmosphere. The game had 27 participants.
The competition's goal was to allow everyone opportunities to develop and play. Belgium has restarted women's hockey competition, where four clubs have delegated teams. Some of those teams have players from several clubs.

Cape Town, South Africa

N° : 29     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 08:00/07:00   Score (Blue/White) : 10-10

Held at Grandwest Ice Station in Cape Town, the game brought together girls from age divisions from under-12 to under-20. It highlighted inclusivity, continuing to break down barriers and stereotypes.

The game demonstrated skill, determination, and athleticism. The final score was a 10-10 tie. The cheerful atmosphere was inspiring to the participants. The theme of this game was unity, hope, and empowerment for female players to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Karlstad, Sweden

N° : 30     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 14:00   Score (Blue/White) : 1-3

At Karlstad, 38 players participated in the game which Team White defeated Team Blue 3-1.

Leiden, Netherlands

N° : 31     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 15:00   Score (Blue/White) : 0-1

Team White scored 10 minutes into the first period to earn a 1-0 shutout win over Team Blue at a new rink in Leiden. The rink has only been open for two months. Leiden has a women's team for the first time this year, and the league is growing to 10 teams. The goals are to recruit more girls on the team and start another under-15 women's league next year.

Tonsberg, Norway

N° : 32     Date : 17 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 15:30   Score (Blue/White) : 1-1

Team Blue and Team White skated to a 1-1 tie in Tonsberg.

Muscat, Oman

N° : 33     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 20:00/17:00   Score (Blue/White) : 1-3

At Muscat, Team White defeated Team Blue 3-1.

Odessa, Ukraine

N° : 34     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 10:00/09:00   Score (Blue/White) : 10-2

In Odessa, Team Blue (Sisters Kraken) defeated Team White (Pridneprovsk) 10-2. Maria Golubeva and Darina Shvedkova each netted a hat trick in the victory. Karina Usatenko added a pair of goals. Oksana Kaptenko and Darina Chernobrova also scored for Team Blue. Oksana Vovkodav and Veronika Timchenko scored goals for Team White. Overall, 34 players participated in the game.

The game was part of the Ukrainian Women's Hockey Championship. It was an incredible atmosphere in the stands, considering it was a new experience for Ukraine.

Montreal, QC, Lebanon

N° : 35     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 10:00/16:00   Score (Blue/White) : 6-4

Team Blue defeated Team White 6-4 in Montreal.  It was a game played in a 3-on-3 format. The event ended with a fun shoot-out to test the goaltender. Teams were composed with a mixture of experienced players with younger girls so everyone could learn from each other.

Teheran, Iran

Team Blue defeated Team White 5-3 in a spirited affair at the Iran Ice Mall Rink. It is the second time Iran has participated in the Global Girls Game. Hosted by Ice Box, participants were from all age groups, and that led to an atmosphere full of excitement and enthusiasm.

Zagreb, Croatia

Team Blue edged Team White 7-6 in a fast-paced game in Zagreb. The game showcased talent and determination, with Team Blue relying on their offensive strengths while Team White countered with their defensive prowess. KHL Medveščak player Nikola Burazin coached in the game.

Sportsmanship was illustrated throughout the day by the 25 players from different age groups. Held at Šalata’s outdoor ice rink, players took part in a skill-focused training session led by former Swiss ice hockey player Andrea Odermatt. 

Istanbul, Turkiye

Team Blue earned a 12-1 victory over Team White in Istanbul. The game had 43 young and experienced participants.

Athens, Greece

N° : 36     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 11:00   Score (Blue/White) : 10-9

At Athens, Team Blue edged Team White 10-9 in an exciting, lively atmosphere. Coaches Mirel Dumitrake and Spyros Ploutsis coached 14 participants from three clubs. The game helped to boost the development of the game in Greece. It was the first step in the Hellenic Winter Sports Federation’s recruitment plan for the women’s sport.

Bordeaux, France

N° : 37     Date : 18 February 2024     Time (Local/CET) : 12:30  Score (Blue/White) : 10-2

Team Blue earned a 10-2 victory over Team White in Bordeaux. The game featured 25 participants, including three players that suit up for the national team.  It was a great atmosphere for young players to learn from more experienced players.
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