Strategic Plan ICE26


To work with all stakeholders to make ice hockey an accessible, attractive and competitive sport and to generate added-value for our members.


Global leader in winter sports.


  • INTEGRITY: The IIHF is fully committed to protecting ice hockey, its players, coaches, officials and fans against any form of cheating or abuse. In addition, it is the IIHF’s top priority to strengthen the ethics in the sport and to tackle any ethical misconduct.
  • RESPECT: The IIHF together with its Member National Associations must strive to develop not just good hockey players but also good people. Through IIHF competitions, IIHF camps, and coaching seminars we aim to instill values of fair play and respect at all levels of the game.
  • PASSION: Through inclusivity and promotion of the game, the IIHF aims to instill a passion for ice hockey among all players, coaches, administrators, and fans, that will carry over across generations and grow the game.
  • COMMUNITY: The strength of our sport comes from our unity. The international ice hockey family is a real and tangible resource for our game, allowing our Member National Associations not just to compete together but also to support, share knowledge with, and assist each other with the development of the sport.


  • Click HERE to access and download the latest IIHF Guide To Sustainable Ice Arenas (PDF, 83 pages, 3 MB). Available in English.
  • Click HERE for a booklet about the IIHF Strategic Plan 2022-2026 "ICE26" (PDF, 6.5 MB)