Development Cup

Men's Development Cup

The Development Cup was initiated in 2016 by the President of the Irish Ice Hockey Association and the Ice Hockey Federation of Andorra and has been established to provide an International Event for IIHF associate members. The six participating teams are the ones who are most close to meet the Minimum Participation Standards needed to compete in IIHF World Championships Program.

This year's cup, played in Bratislava, is organized for the 5th time, under the guidance of the IIHF and also partly financed by the IIHF.

The Chairperson of the tournament is Igor Nemecek, IIHF Life Member.

2024 Men's Development Cup

Host Country : Slovakia
Host City : Bratislava
Venue : O. Nepela Arena, Bratislava
Participating Teams : Argentina, Colombia, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Greece

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